The Beginner’s Guide to the Covesting Copy Trading Module [2021]

Covesting Basics

What is Covesting?

Covesting vs. Solo Trading

What is the Structure of Covesting?

PrimeXBT’s Covesting Module — Leading Crypto Copy Trading

Partnership Between PrimeXBT and

The Synergy of Both Platforms

The Beta of PrimeXBT’s Covesting Module

The Growth of Covesting

The Launch of Covesting

The Growth of Covesting

Advantages of Using Covesting

Reduced Risk for Followers

Increased Revenue for Strategy Managers

Data Transparency is Beneficial for All

COV Token 101

What is the COV Token?

What are the Uses of COV?

Who are the Top Holders of the COV Token?

Where Can Traders and Investors Use Covesting?


Final Thoughts



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