The Beginner’s Guide to the Covesting Copy Trading Module [2021]

Cryptocurrencies are one of the most popular assets traded today and now is a great time to get involved as we lead up to what appears to be a major bull run in the crypto space and one of the most widely-used ways to profit from them is a strategy known as covesting with many anticipating its inherent coin known as COV to be one of the top-performing crypto-assets in 2021 and beyond.

Covesting quickly popularized over these past few years since launching in 2017 as it was the first platform enabling users to copy-trade and with their ICO raising over $18 million that same year showed how large the unmet demand for copy-trading in the market was and is now a great way for traders and investors of all experience levels to enjoy profits.

Many trading strategies are available to crypto traders but covesting and their features remain to be one of the most useful to investors today and in this guide will take a deeper dive into the brand and its features along with its COV token to see why it may be one of the best investments in 2021.

Covesting Basics

What is Covesting?

Covesting is the first crypto-based platform to support copy trading and is one of the most popular platforms and strategies used by traders today and since the site launched in 2017 has enabled millions of new and experienced traders alike to enjoy profits from this fast-paced market.

This innovative platform enabled crypto traders and investors from all parts of the world to seamlessly interact and come together in the market for the very first time in order for them to share knowledge and resources that create mutually beneficial trading events all involved parties can benefit and profit from.

Covesting and its rapid growth since launching nearly four years ago signal how useful it is in creating profitable opportunities as their creation and integration into platforms like PrimeXBT has made it easier than ever for traders to connect with other investors that can invest and grow their capital.

Trading cryptocurrencies is an exciting and profit-filled experience for many of those covesting and leveraging the expertise of more experienced traders and this strategy is not only useful to new traders with no experience but seasoned ones as well as it gives people the ability to see and copy the trades of investors with greater knowledge and trading success.

Covesting vs. Solo Trading

Platforms that offered crypto copy-trading features were practically non-existent until covesting launched in 2017 but unmet demand for copy-trading was great as many conventional asset traders have entered crypto markets with the hopes of enjoying advantages similar to the ones reaped in traditional markets.

Copy-trading in crypto markets has largely been unavailable ever since Bitcoin released over ten years ago and until covesting released in 2017, most had to solo-trade and open self-advised orders which increased risk for new traders while making the process more time-consuming to them too.

Once covesting released and started being used by crypto traders at large to connect with each other it soon was apparent to those using covesting that outcomes from this strategy improved and with it enabling traders to earn more easily quickly grew pace and is now used by more traders today than ever before.

Covesting is more secure and profitable than solo trading and especially for inexperienced investors as success with solo trading requires adequate trading experience and market knowledge so informed trades are made but with covesting, trades are made based on the orders made by other investors which even lets those that have never traded before to open more profitable positions.

What is the Structure of Covesting?

Covesting is an innovative way for traders of all experience levels to increase profits and market knowledge as the structure of covesting creates an environment for experienced traders to become strategy managers which allows them to create investment funds using the covesting module which is publicly available for prospective traders to assess.

These investment funds are tied to the strategies and trading patterns of the investor and are viewable by potential followers that can analyze their trades and liquidity, as well as returns and time in the market, to determine if they want to invest capital into it and if they do will open the same trades as the investor to share generated profits.

Covesting is a peer-to-peer based technology that allows traders and investors to connect in ways that create profitable opportunities for all involved parties and strategy managers particularly can greatly benefit from winning trades as they earn a healthy twenty percent success fee on any profits they earn from positions opened on behalf of their followers.

Crypto markets are known to be volatile and while many strategies to trade them exist none offer the same and direct benefits of covesting as it not only helps traders to limit the potential for loss but provides invaluable insight into the trading habits and strategies of other notable investors from which profits possibly not otherwise earned can be enjoyed those using this strategy.

PrimeXBT’s Covesting Module — Leading Crypto Copy Trading

Partnership Between PrimeXBT and

Covesting was one of the most innovative platforms to reach the crypto space upon its arrival in 2017 as it allowed traders from around the world to interact and share resources for the first time and two years after its release became more accessible to the masses upon its 2017 integration into PrimeXBT which is known as the largest multi-asset exchange in the world.

Granting easier access to copy-trading was PrimeXBT’s adoption of the covesting module which is now a core feature of the site as it lets their traders and investors covest with ease as customers can browse investor profiles and view their trading metrics in order to choose an investor to follow.

PrimeXBT partnering with Covesting was an exciting event and community enthusiasm was quick to spread as witnessed on social media and in crypto communities across the net which not only attracted many new users to the strategy and PrimeXBT platform but new holders of the COV token that caused its price to quickly rise.

Following months of anticipation and collaboration between the platforms, the PrimeXBT Covesting module became available for users to beta-test in April 2020 and marked the beginning of a new trading era with powerful new tools and features that not only allowed PrimeXBT users to reduce the chance of loss but their ability to improve investment outcomes and recognized gains.

The Synergy of Both Platforms

The Covesting and PrimeXBT partnership was nothing short of synergistic as each brought unique dynamics and features to crypto trading that let investors and their followers reduce risk and increase profits and Covesting and PrimeXBT, these past few years, built a reputation among their users as being quality and value-driven service providers making profitability easier for all traders.

Supporting these claims is the fact that PrimeXBT and are known to most as the leading crypto-trading innovators of 2021 as each expands boundaries and enhances outcomes in ways not possible before launched as the platform and its integration into PrimeXBT lets anyone view and copy the trades of other investors to achieve reduced risk and improved profits.

Covesting developed what most say is the most unique and innovative crypto-trading software in the market as it is inherent of customizable charting software and tools that since added to PrimeXBT has equipped traders with the resources needed to make more informed trades based on the expertise of other investors that have proven track records and reputed trading abilities.

PrimeXBT’s integration of the covesting module made what was already an innovative platform even more resourceful to users as low fees and secure environments coupled with copy-trading tools and functionality not only allowed users to reduce risk and increase profit potential but enabled them to retain greater margins of earned profits too.

The Beta of PrimeXBT’s Covesting Module

Prime XBT’s release was the best of all updates to the platform as it gave users access to three new currencies and with high-leverage trading features allows investors to increase positions and profits as well though the PrimeXBT Covesting module remains to be one of the most platform’s most-used tools as it gives customers the ability to view and copy the trades of high-performing investors.

The new and improved release of PrimeXBT and its inclusion of the Covesting module that became available for beta-testing to traders in August 2020 has made it one of the most popular crypto-trading platforms today which is no surprise given that its ICO raised over eighteen million dollars with over a million dollars contributed by followers in the first four months.

Aside from the many perks to be had by PrimeXBT’s inclusion of the covesting module that reduces risks and improves profit potential for customers is the notable fact that top-performing strategy managers, whom of which can be followed by PrimeXBT users, generated upward ROI-profits for followers of up to eighteen-hundred percent during the beta-testing period which is higher than average profits earned by conventional-market traders.

Copy-trading cryptos is not only an easy and secure way for newcomer traders to profitably trade cryptos but for experienced ones as well and given that Covesting has partnered with PrimeXBT it is a great time for traders of all experience levels to get involved in the space as the ability to copy trades of proficient investors helps to increase investments outcomes for all using this strategy.

The Growth of Covesting

The Launch of Covesting launched in 2017 to not only become the first major copy-trading platform to support cryptocurrencies but to help those in the market be more profitable and that it did as its release let traders both new and experienced to enjoy profits from this fast-moving market as it gave users the ability to copy the trades of the most successful crypto investors around.

This platform quickly grew upon its beta-phase release and is now known as the largest multi-asset exchange in the world but also an award-winning and Bitcoin-based margin trading platform that not only supports forex but stock indices and other commodities too and their support for these many markets and assets earned them the status as the largest multi-asset exchange in today’s market. along with the features and trading strategy it enables and promotes is useful to traders of all experience and liquidity levels and quickly grew as it, for the first time, gave traders the ability to not only view traders and their trading activities but the ability to make the same trades as them as well which effectively reduces risks while improving the prospect of successful investment outcomes for traders too.

Covesting is a profitable and risk-reduction strategy that all cryptocurrency traders should consider using as the launch of Covesting and its adoption into the PrimeXBT platform makes it easier now than ever before for traders to follow the trades and enjoy the success of other investors with track records of profits and gains succeeding most in the market.

The Growth of Covesting

Covesting quickly popularized since launching in 2017 and while only four years old now serves millions of traders from around the world in addition to many new incoming traders that see the potential for profits through the process of interacting and partnering with over investors with greater market experiences.

Ever since the concept of covesting turned to reality, a number of new features and upgrades came to platforms supporting copy-trading and led the space and innovated how traders earn profits from the market and their growing user base and ongoing upgrades continue to revamp the approaches users can take to profit from this fast-paced and ever-growing market.

Covesting quickly popularized as a platform and strategy as the software and site for the first time gave users a copy-trading-centric platform that quickly grew upon its adoption into the PrimeXBT platform whose many users began to use the covesting-feature module as a hands-free way and hassle-relieving path to profits.

Covesting as a concept is rather alluring to traders at large but especially those that are new to the market as this trading strategy is known to reduce the chance of losses while increasing the potential for trades and with the platform partnering with PrimeXBT, where it became accessible to millions of traders from around the world, is now one of the most popular trading strategies used today.

Advantages of Using Covesting

Reduced Risk for Followers

Covesting is the strategy of copying the trades of other investors with greater experience which reduces the amount of risk traders assume but increases their potential profits as well and alongside these benefits comes the ability for those in the market to earn profits that without covesting would like not have been possible.

Reducing risk is an essential component to any successful trading strategy as the ability to profit is only as great as the ability to reduce risk and with covesting and copy-trading being strategies that reduce risk and improve investment outcomes is now one of the most-used strategies among those wanting to minimize assumed risks.

One advantage of covesting is that it gives traders with limited trading experience the ability to invest capital in the crypto market that is managed by high-performing traders which is powerful given that those making the same trades as strategy managers have improved odds of profiting compared to trading on their own.

Minimizing risks and increasing profits are the goals of investors in all markets but given the volatility crypto markets are known for and the non-stop trading hours of them, it can be hard to watch the market and its movements every moment of the day but with covesting, traders can take the hands-free and stress-reducing approach by allowing more experienced traders to invest their funds and as a result will reduce losses while increasing profits too.

Increased Revenue for Strategy Managers

Strategy managers are those that manage the funds of other investors that hope to earn profits from the trades they make and is a great way for experienced investors to boost their income and profits as it gives them access to larger liquidity pools from which they make trades to earn profits for them and their followers.

This is one of the many reasons covesting is so popular today as it enables experienced traders to enhance profits while never needing to expose capital of their own in the market which is a great opportunity and advantage that was not possible for crypto traders prior to the release of Covesting.

Traders that sustain consistent profits and winning trades in crypto markets can quickly enhance the profits they earn by trading through the covesting module and creating strategies that become public for others to see with the hopes onlookers become followers and investors into the funds.

The more followers an investor has the greater profitability becomes as they earn a twenty-percent success fee on the profits they earn for their followers which is great for two reasons, it not only gives investors the ability to earn more gains from the same trades they would have made anyways while not needing to expose liquidity of their own to risks in the market.

Data Transparency is Beneficial for All

Cryptos were designed to give people the ability to freely transact and in a way that is transparent and following this concept was the creation of Covesting which brought transparency to the market in ways not seen before as they, for the first time, enabled traders and investors from the around the world to interact in ways that improve profits and outcomes for all.

One benefit of Covesting and its inclusion into the PrimeXBT platform is that strategy managers and followers have access to ubiquitous data when using the module enabling them to gain a better understanding of available investment opportunities while allowing them to view the trading patterns and success of other investors.

Having the ability to view the trades made by others in the market is a great way for new traders and followers to reduce risk and improve outcomes as they can assess investor metrics ranging from their profits to levels of used margin and also the accumulative amount of capital they invested on behalf of followers.

This takes transparency to new levels not seen before and the covesting module’s P2P environment gives followers the ability to view the most of important of trader metrics to determine the investor best for them to follow and successful investors can leverage their track record as an advertising tool to attract new followers and more profits for them and the users they trade for.

COV Token 101

What is the COV Token?

Thousands of cryptocurrencies exist in the market today but one that stands out from the rest is COV which is the crypto native to the covesting ecosystem and since its ICO in 2017, which received over $18 million in funding and support, is now used by many traders and investors to create mutually beneficial and profitable relationships.

COV was created and put into circulation by and is a coin that has outperformed many other cryptos in the market over the past year as its growing number of holders combined with more traders copy-trading now than ever before has helped propel its value upwards which is also supported by the range of new ways COV tokens can be used.

The COVESTING token is an ERC20 utility token running on the Ethereum blockchain and is designed to be used by those trading on the platform which means the value of COV is influenced by both the demand for its features and the trading volumes on the site but and with growing third-party integration is anticipated by most to grow over time.

COV is a utility token and aims to make copy-trading a seamless experience for users and provides many incentives ranging from trading-cost discounts to increased success fees for investors that manage the funds of others and with platforms supporting COV expected to grow as demand for copy-trading does is anticipated to become one of the most popular crypto-assets in the market.

What are the Uses of COV?

COV is an innovative coin and is used by users as well as traders on other platforms that have integrated its module and is enjoyed by users for the many benefits and advantages it provides ranging from reduced trading costs and risks to improved investment outcomes.

COV tokens are mostly used by strategy managers and their followers to interact and exchange data with its use helping to increase its demand while lowering its circulating supply which means token holders can not only profit from copy-trading cryptos but by the scarcity of the token that will help its value rise over time.

The COVESTING token released in 2017 and its announcement was one of the most exciting to reach the crypto-verse as it granted traders access to the trades of highly successful investors while giving investors the ability to leverage follower liquidity to increase profits for themselves and users.

COV recently integrated into PrimeXBT which makes these tokens easier to access and use while making copy-trading more accessible to those wanting reduced risks and improved outcomes and with the popularity of this token and trading strategy growing is a great time to begin copy-trading as COV makes doing so for profits easier than ever before.

Who are the Top Holders of the COV Token?

Upon reviewing distribution ledgers it is seen that the top-hundred COV Token holders have fair market ownerships with no single wallet having too great of control over its circulating supply which is ideal to the economy as a whole while reflecting the health of COV and its market.

Market analysis will be interesting over this coming year as the token is expected to grow in 2021 and how its distribution evolves over time is one that will be closely watched by retail and expert traders as well as the many ledgers that track and monitor its movements.

Relatively even distribution of COV tokens is great for holders of them as there are many cryptos in the market owned in large volumes by few accounts which not only leads to increased levels of centralization but market manipulation as well but given the spread in ownership of COV, its market and values are not as likely to endure such exploits.

COV tokens are used by traders and investors to interact to achieve profitability for those funding trades and those executing orders and with more liquidity pouring into COV is a good time for prospective traders to get involved as the features it offers combined with fairly distributed ownership in the market makes it a profitable and risk-reduction investment all can benefit from.

Where Can Traders and Investors Use Covesting?

More trading platforms exist now than ever before but one of the most popular ones around today is as they became the first copy-trading-centric platform to reach the net and unmet demand for this trading strategy and the solutions offered by Covesting were high which was shown by its ICO raising over $18 million in 2017. is an innovative platform with an inherent crypto of its own known as COV which is used by traders and investors from many regions around the world to share data and profits with each other by way of followers funding investors that make trades on their behalf, and both funders and investors can earn profits.

This sleek and user-friendly platform is a hub for traders wanting to interact with more experienced investors that invest funds for them and Covesting makes this process incredibly easy for even first-time users that have never covested on the platform and is one reason why they grew so quickly.

Trading cryptos for profits is an exciting experience and Covesting is one of the most secure ways to invest and accrue profits and not only gives users the ability to leverage the expertise of more proficient traders but the ability to reduce risks and increase profits as their COV token lowers trading costs while supporting the platform that makes finding other investors a seamless process.


PrimeXBT is not only known as a low-fee and high-performance platform but for being the largest multi-asset exchange in the world with over fifty supported markets and with its recent update, named PrimeXBT 2.0, now supports three new currencies with which users can have others trade for them thanks to their partnership with Covesting and integration of its module.

This platform is often referred to by users as the best copy-trading site as their covesting module enables users to browse top-performing traders to follow and their recent version-two release makes conducting trades and navigating the site easier thanks to a new and improved interface.

PrimeXBT is a great platform to covest on as they have a stable platform and high market liquidity thanks to the influx in trading volumes its adoption of the covesting module attracted which not only helps users to reduce risks but profits too and with low trading fees enables traders to retain greater margins of profit.

PrimeXBT sees over a billion dollars in trades take place on its platform on an average day with many of these trades being made through their covesting module that makes finding qualified investors to covest for profits easier now than ever before and with support for other features and markets that range from forex to real-world commodities is not only a solid choice for traders wanting to reduce risk and increase profits but for those wanting to diversify holdings.

Final Thoughts

Copy trading is one of the most popular ways to profit from cryptocurrencies today as it not only broadens the ways investors can earn but helps new traders with no experience to have a fighting chance for profits given their ability to copy the trades of more proficient investors having solid track records of trading success.

Many strategies exist but copy-trading is arguably one of the hottest ones around today as helps all people in the market to reduce risk and increase profits and with platforms such as Covesting and PrimeXBT making copy-trading easier to engage with and profits easier to make is the best of times to start using this strategy that has helped amass profits not otherwise had for millions of traders around the world.

Final thoughts on covesting are conclusive for most in that it provides a range of benefits that matter most to traders and investors alike and this strategy is easy to leverage as the covesting module added to PrimeXBT upon their partnership with makes interacting and partnering with other investors an affordable and lucrative breeze.

As crypto markets flourish and as the number of new traders entering the market grows the demand for profitable and easy-to-deploy strategies will to and this is one reason covesting is as popular as it is today as it improves the odds of profits and positive outcomes for inexperienced traders but for successful investors as well.

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